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Thread lift forever young

Thread lift

The aesthetic intervention of thread lift is performed at the ForEverYoung Plastic Surgery Clinic, in Zalka, by doctors specialized in facial aesthetics. This facial rejuvenation technique involves inserting threads under the skin to create a natural lifting effect that can last up to two years. During your first consultation, the surgeon will assess your skin to determine the most suitable treatment plan for your needs.

Thread lift is an aesthetic intervention aimed at rejuvenating the face by inserting threads under the skin to create a natural lifting effect. The threads stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which strengthens and firms the tissues. Because it does not require any incisions or cuts, this innovative method provides a viable alternative to surgical lifting procedures. The surgeon inserts the threads beneath the skin and adjusts them to achieve the desired lifting effect. Once in place, the absorbable threads dissolve naturally over time, leaving the skin firmer and younger-looking. The intervention is relatively quick and can be performed on an outpatient basis. The results are visible for up to two years and leave no scars. After the procedure, patients can quickly return to their normal daily activities, but should avoid intense exercises and facial massages for a few weeks. Before the intervention, a consultation with the specialized doctor will allow you to determine the most suitable treatment for your needs.

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