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Chin Augmentation forever young

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is performed at For Ever Young Plastic Surgery Clinic, Zalka, by specialists in facial plastic surgery. The goal of this cosmetic chin surgery is to improve the profile of the face by reshaping the chin. Whether your chin is protruding, recessed or deviated to one side, there is an adequate solution. Genioplasty offers the benefit of not leaving any visible skin scars, as the entire procedure is performed through the oral mucosa. Make an appointment with the plastic surgeons at the For Ever Young Plastic Surgery Clinic Zalka to find out the best option available to harmonize your profile.

The profile of the face is essential in facial aesthetics. It consists of three main elements, namely the nose, the lips, and the chin, which must be arranged harmoniously to achieve optimal aesthetic results. It is common to notice variations in the shape or size of the chin. Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that is suitable for patients aged 18 and above, who have morphological abnormalities of the chin.
The techniques used for this procedure can range from simple to complex. Depending on the type of anomaly, various techniques such as silicone implants, bone grafts, or liposuction may be employed .
This intervention has the benefit of leaving no visible skin scars as the incision is made in the gum. Before undergoing the surgical procedure, the patient will have a preoperative consultation with the plastic surgeon to assess any imbalances in their profile.
The surgical procedure is carried out under general anesthesia, following a blood test, panoramic dental X-ray, and a consultation with an anesthesiologist.
Following the operation, the patient is able to move their jaw safely. However, bruising and swelling may persist for about two weeks, and it will be necessary to wear a compression bandage under the chin for a week to shape the operated area. The surgeon will recommend a suitable diet and care for the following days after the intervention. If you are considering restoring balance to your profile, come and meet the plastic surgeons at For Ever Young Plastic Surgery Clinic for a personalized assessment.

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