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Neck lift forever young

Neck lift

The surgeons at the For Ever Young Plastic Surgery Clinic provide a technique for neck lift in Zalka, Lebanon. The goal of this surgical procedure is to tighten the skin of the neck and chin to enhance the appearance of the cervical and facial area. To create a younger and firmer look, excess skin is removed and underlying muscles are tightened. At your initial consultation, the surgeons at the For Ever Young Plastic Surgery Clinic can provide guidance and recommendations on various techniques to attain a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

The neck lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that targets signs of aging on the face and neck by tightening both the muscles and skin. The procedure involves an incision that follows the natural hairline. Then, the surgeon proceeds to tighten the muscles and skin of the face and neck, resulting in the removal of excess tissue.
This operation is generally carried out on patients aged over 40 with sagging skin in the neck area or who have lost skin elasticity due to weight loss. Neck lift surgery is a complex operation that requires the expertise of a specialist in facial and aesthetic surgery.
It is important to carefully clean the operation scars until they are completely healed. At the For Ever Young Plastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery Clinic, expert surgeons in facial rejuvenation provide a personalized approach to achieve natural and long-lasting results.

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